Room Air Purifier Filters

Enjoy clean, fresh air by replacing the portable air filter in your room air purifier. A portable HEPA filter in your office, bedroom, or family room removes allergens from the air and keeps your space clean. When it’s time to replace the filter – you can count on us to have the right HEPA filter for your air purifier. In many cases – we will provide a "kit", which includes a main HEPA filter and several pre-filters. We offer the most common replacement portable air filter and pre-filter replacements for top brands.

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Room Air Purifier Filters

What Our Customers Have to Say

Shirley Armes 11 days ago
Thank you for the filters for my Dyson stick. Glad to know I can get them here from now on for a good price
Richard Hatfield 13 days ago
I have bought this product previously and I am very happy with it.
Allen K 13 days ago
Replacement filter is equal to original.
Rebecca Broshears 20 days ago
Good service

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a portable air filter?

Portable room filters are relatively inexpensive and can be moved from room-to-room. Portable air purifiers provide a perfect clean air solution for offices, bedrooms, nurseries, and family rooms. Your whole house heating and cooling system may offer substandard air filtration or none at all – so adding a portable air filter to any room is a perfect way to ensure robust indoor air quality in commonly occupied spaces.

Does my portable air filter have a HEPA filter?

Probably. Most portable air filters have a HEPA component. In other words - a filter that removes 99.97% of airborne particles. Check the specifications sheet for your air filter system - but the vast majority of these systems do carry HEPA filtration claims.

How often should I replace the filter I my room air cleaner?

If you operate your portable air filter continuously - the main HEPA filter should be changed every 90 days. Under normal use - portable HEPA filters can last up to 6 months. If the system includes a separate pre-filter, it should be changed every month.

What is a multi-stage portable air filter?

Many manufacturers will include multiple stages of filtration in their product. For example, there may be a stage 1 prefilter with an activated carbon component. This pre filter will reduce odors and VOCs – and extend the life of the main HEPA filter by capturing very large particles. If the prefilter does not include activated carbon – another stage 3 filter with carbon may be present. Some manufacturers will include all 3 stages in 1 filter.