AmericanAirFilter Air Filters

AmericanAirFilter Air Filters

AmericanAirFilter Air Filters furnace filters come in many standard sizes, and are interchangeable with other brands that are the same size. While we may not carry the AmericanAirFilter Air Filters brand specifically, we do have size-matched replacements for the filter you need.

For most sizes you will have several options to choose from so you can get a higher quality filter or save a little money with a cost efficient model. Using the drop-down boxes to the left, enter the dimensions from your existing filter.

American Air Filter furnace filters are available in many different sizes and are interchangeable with different manufacturer's brands in the same size. offers a wide variety of replacement furnace filters for your American Air Filter. In addition, these replacement filters come in a variety of Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) ratings with different prices so you have even more options to choose from.

These replacement furnace filters vary in ratings from MERV 4 to MERV 13. The MERV 4 filters are comprised of fiberglass filler and a cardboard frame. They are available in two different thicknesses and are best used in areas that don't normally have a lot of dust. MERV 4 filters will need to be changed once per month for optimal performance and to protect the inner workings of your furnace.

As the MERV ratings increase, the higher quantity of air pollutants the filters collect. The MERV 13 filter, which is the highest rating available for the American Air Filter discount replacement filter, is the most effective filter in collecting household particles that are the most common causes of indoor allergies. Things such as tobacco smoke and bacteria as well as pet dander, mold spores and pollen are all collected and trapped in these filters.

It is advisable to change these filters once every six months. In between changing the filter you should check it once per month to ensure it doesn't need to be changed, especially during allergy season.

While may not have the specific brand American Air Filters, we do have a wide variety of discount replacement filters that will fit your furnace perfectly, and at a reduced cost. In addition, you can find the filter that will best suit your personal needs.

As with other brands, we offer free shipping for these filters.