Air Guard Air Filters

Listed filter size is nominal. Actual filter size is up to ½" less on all dimensions.

  • MERV 7
  • Premium Quality
  • 10 pleats per foot (2")
  • 25 - 30% efficiency

Proprietary Media - Assures Rated Efficiency

The heart of the product. Airguard medias are manufactured to exclusive specifications produced only for Airguard. Nobody pays more attention to media specifications than Airguard. Rigid requirements for resistance, efficiency, MERV values and dust holding capacity are verified by QC checks on incoming raw materials, production line sampling and field audits of finished goods.

All DP filters are designed with a consistent pleat shape on predetermined centers causing dirt to collect evenly over the entire surface of the media. Fully utilizing every square inch results in a slow steady rise in resistance for maximum dust holding capacity.

Consistent pleat alignment enhances dust holding capacity for longer service life.

Galvanized Steel Pleat Support

The Airguard expanded metal pleat support grid is made of galvanized steel for maximum rust resistance. The metal grid maintains pleat shape and prevents fluttering in operation.

Two Piece Frame Construction

Double wall thickness around the outer edge and integral die cut cross members provide strength and rigidity. DP filters will not rack, warp or bend under normal handling or operating conditions.

Heavy Duty Beverage Board Frame

Moisture resistant, sturdy frame material stands up to rough handling, difficult service conditions, long service life.

Water Repellent Adhesive

The adhesive used to bond the frame and media pack into a unitized assembly is highly water repellent. The pleats hold together even when wet. No delaminating, no excessive buckling, no collapsing.

CLARCOR Air Filtration Products are the manufacturers of HVAC filters and other products under the name Airguard. This company has been in business since 1964. Since its inception, the company has been cleaning the air of the world - one filter at a time. The main office is located in Jeffersonville, Indiana but there are facilities producing Airguard filters throughout the United States. These filters can be seen in various locations, including healthcare facilities, schools and universities, government facilities, commercial spaces, office complexes, industrial settings and public buildings.

Discount Airguard DP filters have a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating of 7, which means these filters will trap 50% to 69% of average size air particles. This gives those 25% to 30% efficiency and a rating of premium quality. Airguard pays special attention to media specifications when making their filters - using strict requirements for resistance, efficiency, MERV values and dust holding capabilities. Quality control checks are done on the raw materials, on the product manufacturing line and with random field checks on the finished product.

Each Airguard DP filter is made with 10 pleats per foot. These pleats ensure dust, dirt and other air particles collect evenly over the entire surface of the filter. This means the filter will get every inch used and have greater resistance for the best dust trapping possible. The even rows of pleats within the filter allow it to be used in a furnace for a longer period of time. It is recommended that you change these filters every three months for maximum continuous air purification.

Each Airguard filter is constructed to last. To support the pleats, a steel pleat support grid has been placed over the pleats and keeps the filter from fluttering during operation. The frame is made with double thickness material in the corners and die cut crossbars that prevent the DP filter from racking, warping or bending under normal handling and operating. In addition, the DP filter frame is moisture resistant and sturdy enough to stand up to industrial applications and a long service life. Both the filter media and the frame are chemical free and resist harmful mold and mildew.

These discount filters are not only economical, but are a smart choice for people who suffer from seasonal allergies. These filters safely trap and contain mold spores, cement dust, pollen, dust mites, pet dander and other common household air particulates.