Arm & Hammer Air Filters

Arm & Hammer Air Filters

Arm & Hammer Air Filters furnace filters come in multiple standard sizes, and are interchangeable with other brands in the same size. Sometimes we may not carry the Arm & Hammer Air Filters brand you need specifically, but we do have size-matched replacements.

Most filter sizes have several options for you to choose to get a higher quality filter or a more cost efficient model. The drop-down boxes to the left will allow you to enter the dimensions from your existing filter.

If you are looking for a discount replacement furnace filter for your Arm & Hammer filter, we have what you're looking for. While we may not carry the specific brand name we do have a number of replacement filters with the same, or better, quality.

The Arm & Hammer name has become synonymous with eliminating odors in the home. One more way to eliminate the odors is through the ventilation system. These filters trap up to 99% of various odor causing agents and allergens in the home including pet dander and bacteria. offers fine replacement furnace filters that are capable of performing the same job.

These quality discount replacement filters range between MERV 4 up to MERV 13 and are excellent in keeping the air quality in your home or office at optimal levels. Most of these replacement filters have a pleated surface that ensures the entire surface area will be used to give you the longest life from your filter.

Our replacement filters are made with fully synthetic, chemical free, electrostatically charged material that outperforms regular fiberglass filters. In addition, these filters are impenetrable to moisture and most chemicals, which keeps your filter and HVAC system in superior working order for the longest amount of time.

For those that have chosen to go "green" in every way possible, we also have a reusable filter. This filter is completely washable and able to be reused as long as the integrity of the filter is not compromised. This reduces the amount of waste in city dumps.

There are no worries when ordering a filter from us. You are able to order as little as one filter to a pack of 12 and beyond. There is no minimum amount when ordering and shipping is free. If you need to return the filters there is no charge for return shipping as long as the filters are in the original packaging and in purchase condition. There are no hidden fees when you order from us.