Flanders Air Filters

Flanders Air Filters

Flanders Air Filters furnace filters come in many standard sizes, and are interchangeable with other brands that are the same size. While we may not carry the Flanders Air Filters brand specifically, we do have size-matched replacements for the filter you need.

For most sizes you will have several options to choose from so you can get a higher quality filter or save a little money with a cost efficient model. Using the drop-down boxes to the left, enter the dimensions from your existing filter.

Located on Flanders Filters Road in the city of Washington, Flanders Filters has its corporate headquarters in North Carolina. Flanders has been designing, manufacturing and marketing air purification products since 1950. They are the largest American manufacturer of air filters today. These filters are acceptable for use in residential HVAC applications as well as facilities where it is necessary to remove as many pollutants from the air as possible. These facilities include semiconductor manufacturing, ultra-pure materials, biotechnology, pharmaceutical agencies and nuclear power and materials processing plants.

Flanders filters are available in many standard sizes and are interchangeable with other brands of the same size. The OEM replacement filters for Flanders Filters range in Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating from MERV 6 to MERV 13. Our non-OEM replacement filters are just as effective at removing fine air particulates as the OEM brands. A filter with a rating of MERV 13 has the capability to remove 95% or more of the pollutants from the air.

Preserving the life of an HVAC system in a residence is important. These non-OEM filters are pleated, which provides a greater surface area to collect dust and other pollutants while creating the least air restriction through the filter and HVAC system. These discount replacement filters effectively and efficiently remove dust and dirt, lint, dust mite debris, household odor causing agents, pet dander, smoke and vehicle emissions smells. Those who suffer from seasonal allergies such as allergic rhinitis or hay fever as well as asthma sufferers can rest assured that these filters will operate with the same efficiency as the name brand.

The pleated media is encased with a durable beverage board frame that withstands less than gentle handling. The frame is also moisture resistant, which virtually eliminates mold and mildew from the filters. Most of these replacement filters are recommended by the manufacturer to be changed about every three months. Our non-OEM discount replacement filters will do the same thing. It is necessary to check the filters between replacements in order to ensure your HVAC system is operating at peak performance levels.

As always there is no minimum order size when placing your order. Shipping is always free and there are no hidden fees. Returns are acceptable as long as the unused items are in their original packaging and in the same condition as when they were shipped. To ensure a full refund please ship all returns within one year of purchase.