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A portable humidifier is a great tool to inexpensively add moisture to an office, bedroom, or family room. Fortunately, humidifier pad replacement is a simple process. The "heart" of a portable humidifier is the replaceable humidifier wick (often called a humidifier pad or filter). The humidifier wick absorbs water from the portable humidifier’s tank. As the water evaporates, an internal fan blows the water vapor into the air. Make sure you install a new humidifier pad every 30 days to insure maximum evaporation. Shop our selection of popular wicks from top brands!

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Humidifier Wicks & Pads

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a portable humidifier?

If your home does not have a forced air system or a whole-house humidifier - your options are limited for adding moisture into the air in your home. A portable humidifier allows you to add moisture to one or several rooms - making the air more comfortable and helping to control asthma and allergy symptoms.

Is a humidifier pad the same thing as a wick?

When describing the replaceable evaporative element in a portable humidifier - many different terms are used. Humidifier pads are the same part as a wick, filter, or vapor pad.

Do all portable humidifiers use a replacement humidifier wick?

No - most "ultrasonic" portable humidifiers do not use a replaceable wick.

What are the advantages of portable humidifiers that use a replaceable wick/filter/pad over ultrasonic portable humidifiers?

Generally - portable humidifiers that use a replaceable wick will provide higher humidity output and can cover a larger area. Additionally, portable humidifiers with wicks will need to have water tanks replaced less often and will run for a longer period than ultrasonic humidifiers.