Air Filter Accessories

Sometimes you need more than just a filter. (Trust us, we've been there.) That's why we carry furnace filter accessories like filter gasket tape, a slot seal and an air conditioner protector.
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Furnace Filter Accessories

Accessories can make a big difference in keeping your furnace filter running efficiently. That's why we sell furnace filter accessories in addition to the filters themselves.

Our current line of furnace filter accessories includes filter spray, filter gasket tape, an air filter gauge, an air filter gauge remote kit and a filter slot seal.

FilterLOCK Furnace and Air Conditioning Filter Slot Seal can help protect your family's health by sealing out gases, chemicals and allergens. Just place the product over the filter slot to keep unfiltered air from entering your home. This product can help you reduce your energy costs in addition to improving indoor air quality.

The liquid adhesive spray is designed to enhance the performance of residential and commercial filters by attracting pollen and sub-microscopic dust. This spray is positively charged so that it electrostatically attracts negatively charged matter. It's especially effective for reusable filters because it cleans the filter during washing by lifting away dust and dirt. It's important to note that this spray is not for use with electronic air cleaner filters.

Gasket tape creates a tighter seal around your air filter when you tape it around the filter's perimeter. This 25-foot roll of half-inch think PVC foam tape not only prevents air leakage, but can also quiet down the rattles from your blower doors.

GeneralAire G99 Air Filter Gauge allows you to monitor your air filter so that you know when it needs to be changed. You install the filter gauge between the blower and the filter; it can be mounted up to 10 feet from the monitoring location with the GeneralAire G99-14 Air Filter Gauge Remote Kit.

Air Alert 90-day digital filter change reminder beeps after 90 days so that you know when it's time to change your filter. After you change your filter, just press the reset button to get your next reminder in exactly 90 days!

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