Accumulair Air Filters

Accumulair Air Filters

Accumulair Air Filters furnace filters come in many standard sizes, and are interchangeable with other brands that are the same size. While we may not carry the Accumulair Air Filters brand specifically, we do have size-matched replacements for the filter you need.

For most sizes you will have several options to choose from so you can get a higher quality filter or save a little money with a cost efficient model. Using the drop-down boxes to the left, enter the dimensions from your existing filter.

Accumulair wants their customers to know that their filters are made in America. The company also wants their customers to realize they can provide the appropriate filter for any size of heating and cooling system out there. Regardless of the brand of HVAC system you have in your home or office, Accumulair has your needs covered. ships these great filters individually or in bulk without an additional shipping cost. Most of Accumulair's air filters feature a pleated design allowing them to trap the bulk of airborne allergens and particles from as small as 0.3 microns in size. The density of the material used in these air filters is designed to not only trap over 95% of these airborne particles, but also resist the formation of mold, mildew or bacteria while in use. In addition, because of the pleated design, these air filters can also be continuously used for a full three months without being replaced. Standard fiberglass filters require monthly replacement.

Accumulair filters feature patented technology and an innovative design that gives you a better opportunity at a healthier life throughout the year. This is because the filters can remove up to 95% of all airborne particles from a home's breathable air. This is a huge benefit for those who already suffer from breathing related illnesses such as asthma or those who battle allergies every year when the pollen count rises. By keeping many of these allergens out of the air, the filters reduce your risk at succumbing to many of the symptoms associated with these allergens.

Not only can removing this level of airborne particles from a home's breathable air be beneficial to one's health, but it can also help cut down on your monthly utility bills by taking some of the strain off of the HVAC system itself. By removing these particles, it allows the HVAC system to run more efficiently.