MERV 11 Air Filters

Better filtration is the first step in improving Indoor Air Quality. Pleated Panel Filters outperform ordinary furnace filters with higher efficiency and lower pressure drop allowing air-handling systems to stay cleaner and operate more efficiently. We achieve this with 100% synthetic electrostatically charged gradient density media, optimum pleat spacing and high initial and sustained efficiency, high dust holding capacity and very low pressure drop. The media is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, does not absorb moisture and will not support microbial growth.


  • Catches and holds more pollen, dust, dirt, etc. than standard pads or panel type HVAC filters creating a healthier IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) environment
  • Medium efficiency filtration protects expensive HVAC equipment from the effect of dirty air and significantly reduces costly building maintenance
  • Extends life of more expensive secondary filters (RIGID, CELLS, HEPAS, BAGS, etc.)
  • Can last up to four times the life of standard pads or panel type filters thereby drastically reduces material and maintenance and labor costs


  • MERV 11 filter media
  • Air filters are pleated media type
  • The filter media consists of 100% synthetic electrostatically charged thermally bonded fibers with no chemical binders
  • The media is continuously bonded to a 30 guage galvanized, corrosion resistant, expanded metal support grid with an effective open area of 96%
  • The media is pleated to maximize surface area and dust holding and minimize airflow resistance
  • The enclosure frames are constructed of high wet strength, moisture resistant beverage board
  • Diagonal support members of the frame are bonded to the air entering and exit apexes of each pleat to prevent pleat collapse and filter bowling
  • The inside periphery of the enclosing frame is completely bonded to the outer edges of the filter media to prevent bypass
  • The air filters are listed and rated by Underwriters Laboratory as UL class 2 and have a maximum teperature rating of 180 degrees Farenheit

The MERV 11 discount filter will effectively remove greater than 85 percent of particulate debris between 3 and 10 microns from the air that passes through it. Additionally, it will remove between 64 and 79.9 percent of particles that measure between 1 and 3 microns. The performance of this discount filter is based on the international industry standard Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating. Filters that have a higher rating demonstrate the ability to remove a higher proportion of particulate matter from circulating air. Discount filters are tested according to how efficiently they capture particles that measure between 3 and 10 microns.

MERV 11 discount filters provide a moderate amount of filtration, falling in the mid-range of filter efficiency. They are effective in keeping air clean, but households that include persons who experience particularly severe asthmatic or allergic reactions may find a higher MERV rating more suitable in providing an ideal indoor environment.

The MERV 11 discount filters are made from unbranded Kimberly Clark Filtration Media that is arranged in pleats seamlessly mounted within a 30-gauge, galvanized metal frame. Pleated construction increases the available surface area to increase filtration potential and efficiency. The filter media is electrostatically charged to attract particulate matter, providing further efficiency in blocking potential pathogens and allergens from circulating through the air and thus improving indoor air quality. No chemical bonding is used in the fabrication and arrangement of the filtration media.

Regular filter inspection is required to ensure that filters are able to operate as intended. If filters are not regularly cleaned or replaced, this buildup can cause complications to the system as air backs up into the furnace, causing operational complications.

Free shipping is routine. All discount filters should be returned in the same condition as received and with the original packaging, within one year of the date of purchase if needed. There is no minimum order size requirement.