ADQ36006101 Refrigerator Water Filters

WaterSentinel WSL-3 Recommended
WaterSentinel Replacement for ADQ36006101 Filters
3 pack
LG Replacement for ADQ36006101 Filters
3 pack

Product Description

A high quality fridge filter, like the ADQ36006101 model (also known as the LG LT700P), uses a block of activated carbon to remove impurities from the water, like lead, mercury, cysts, benzene, chlorine, and turbidity. As the water passes through the filter, these particulates are captured, delivering healthy, clean, great-tasting water to your refrigerator and ice maker. Your drinks will taste better with the ADQ36006101 fridge filter. carries two models of the ADQ36006101 fridge filter - the OEM LG LT700P and the aftermarket model, WaterSentinel WSL-3. The LT700P is NSF-rated 42 and 53, so it's certified to remove the taste of smell and chlorine, lead, mercury, and other contaminates. The aftermarket model by WaterSentinel is 100% compatible with the OEM model, providing the same excellent filtration at a fraction of the price.

Both filters come with a one-year satisfaction guarantee. offers free shipping and returns on all orders. For optimal performance, these filters should be changed at least every six months or 200 gallons, whichever comes first. You should consult with your owner's manual to determine the frequency of the filter change and other manufacturer recommendations. 

ADQ36006101 Description


How To Install The ADQ36006101 Filter:

  1. Press the push button to open the filter cover
  2. Pull the old cartridge downward to remove and discard
  3. With new cartridge in the horizontal position, push the the cartridge into the manifold hold until it stops
  4. Push it up in firmly until you cannot push up further
  5. Push the filter cover until it clicks into place
  6. After replacing flush 2.5 gallons of water through filter before use

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Product Comparison

Marvel at the specifications of our ADQ36006101 compatible filters.

Change Frequency 6 Months 6 Months
Filtering Capacity 200 Gallons 200 Gallons
Contaminents Filtered Chlorine, Taste, Odor, Sediment, Sand, Rust & Other Particulates Chlorine, Taste, Odor, Sediment, Sand, Rust & Other Particulates
NSF Rating - 42, 53
Flow Rate .5 GPM 0.5 GPM
Pressure Range 25-125 PSI 25-125 PSI
Operating Temperature 33-100 °F 33-100 °F
The factory original LG LT700P and the aftermarket filter both reduce contaminants found in your water supply, including dirt, chlorine, chemicals, and minerals.

The LG LT700P has NSF ratings of 42 and 53, meaning it has been certified to reduce multiple contaminants in tap water.

The WaterSentinel WSL-3 has many of the same attributes as the OEM. The filtering capacity, flow rate, pressure range, and operating temperature is the same as the OEM's.

The primary difference between the OEM and aftermarket filter is price and NSF Standard certifications, though some filters that are not NSF rated are still constructed from NSF rated parts.

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Reviews From Our Awesome Customers

Quick and easy installation and they do a great job of keeping my water sweet tasting and smelling clean. Clifton
Replaced the OEM filter in my Kenmore/LG fridge. This fliter seems to be less restrictive and improves the flow rate. Steve
WaterSentinel WSL-3 Recommended
WaterSentinel Replacement for ADQ36006101 Filters
LG Replacement for ADQ36006101 Filters