1/2" X 25' Roll Filter Gasket Tape (JVCC SCF48-0)

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1/2" Thick X 25' Roll Filter Gasket Tape (JVCC SCF48-0) - approximately 3/4" wide (perfect for the edge of a 1" filter)

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Conserve energy with gasket tape. Its thickness adds 1” to the filter’s diameter. When applied to the edges of your furnace or air cleaner filters, it prevents air from leaking around the filters’ edges. In addition to preventing air leaks, the tape reduces noise caused by the blower doors. Single-sided, the thick PVC foam tape resists wear and damage caused by chemicals or moisture. Because the tape is disposable, you can only apply it once. With each replacement filter, reapply the tape. Filters reduce airborne allergens in the air, and they improve the system’s energy efficiency. Gasket tape is one tool that helps you save money and energy, as well as healthier indoor air.

  • 1/2" thick x 25' roll, approximately ¾” wide
  • single sided tape
  • thick and flexible PVC foam
  • resists chemicals, wear and moisture
  • ideal to edge 1” filters
  • prevents air from leaking around the filter edges
  • improves system efficiency
  • disposable, single use
1/2" X 25' Roll Filter Gasket Tape (JVCC SCF48-0)
1/2" X 25' Roll Filter Gasket Tape (JVCC SCF48-0) Reviewed by 4
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By Devieux


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Very pleased with product


Used as a filter in air return. Easy to install for non-professional.

BOTTOM LINE: Yes, I recommend this product

By Taku


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Makes your filter *air* tight fit


No more excuses of even the best filters won't work 100% of the time because of the gaps all around them. This gasket tape will make your air filter super tight fit so that it will catch more OMG stuff in the air. Your lungs won't have to work as a part of the air filter any longer. I breathe easy now.

BOTTOM LINE: Yes, I recommend this product

By Texan


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Put on a/c filter; works fine.


By Kat


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Great product, just what was needed


There was a large gap between the entry doors of my home. The weather stripping needed to fit into a grove in the stationary door and no product of this type was available for use as a weather seal replacement. I originally purchased the material to use around my A/C filters to make them fit more snugly in the air return. There was enough material to do that job and to apply to the door. It is working wonderfuly, I have probably saved more than the cost of the product just in the last three weeks.

BOTTOM LINE: Yes, I recommend this product