Return Grille Filters

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Scott Colby 17 days ago
Not much to say other than the fact that these air grille filters seem to be just as good as the ones offered by our HVAC service, but at a more appealing price, especially when discounted as part of a sale.
Cindy Marble 17 days ago
Easy to install these hard to find filters!
David Brabender 37 days ago
Designed to fit into a typical 1inch return air grill. Fits like a glove, no air leaks around the filter. The extra depth increases the filter surface area and allows me to move up to a MERV 13 rating without significantly increasing the resistance of the filter. Although they are more expensive than the typical 1 inch filters, they last more than six months in my system. I have the technician measure the pressure drop across the filter during each of my twice annual tune ups to ensure I am not exceeding the system ratings. You can find that figure in your HVAC owners manual. I use two 20x20 filters in my return air side so I am a little over filtered and can go nearly 9 months between filter changes. A MERV 13 removes virtually all pollen and smoke particles.
Rowland Ellison 44 days ago
Perfect for my system and family