Permatron Air Filters

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Michael Klein 1 day ago
These filters are wonderful and fit perfectly. The value is great too. I definitely recommend.
Greg 1 day ago
I really like these filters. We have a wood stove near the intake and it does a great job of catching a lot of the errant smoke that escapes from the stove. We've also noticed that the house is less dusty than it was before we began using these filters. The only thing I would say regarding the 24x30x1 filters is that they are slightly too big for the intake housing. I have to kind of crush the sides a bit to fit it in - never had to do that with other filters. It works, it's just kind of a hassle to get it to fit and ends up bending the filter a bit. No issues once it's in though.
Andrew Bankos 1 day ago
It does a great job.
Alan Ryan 2 days ago
Just what the doctor ordered