Honeywell 20x25 FC100A1037

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Air quality has become a growing concern for many individuals. Your indoor air supply can be exposed to potentially hazardous particles and microbes found in the air. Without proper filtration, there is an increased risk of allergens, dust, and bacteria entering your home or work space environment. To prevent this from occurring, it is important to have the proper equipment to remove the undesirable particles. The 20x25 Honeywell air filter utilizes a special, scientifically-tested pleated design to increase its particle-grabbing surface area. The enlarged filter media surface area on these 20x25 Honeywell filters allow for more particulate such as pet dander, pollen, and dust to be removed from the indoor air supply and provide safer, cleaner, and healthier air for your indoor environment.

The filter media is surrounded by a frame coated with moisture-resistant materials to ensure that microbial growth does not occur within your air filtration system. Along with improving the overall quality of your indoor air supply, the innovative design of these filters provides the best environment for air to move through your HVAC system efficiently as well as improving its performance capabilities.

As your Honeywell furnace filter works to remove large amounts of particulate from your indoor air supply, the filter will capture these particles in its pleated media. As continuous exposure to incoming particulate occurs, the filter media will become more and more congested, and begin to work less efficiently. This will allow less air to flow through the 20x25 Honeywell air filter. Because of this, regular filter changes are highly recommended to keep your HVAC system to perform at its peak efficiency. Under continuous exposure to high amounts of particulate, or if your 20x25 Honeywell air filter is placed in a continuously running system, more frequent filter changes will be necessary to keep your system performing at its best, as well as providing a safe, clean, and pathogen free environment for your home or work space.