ClearChoice CLCH101

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What Our Customers Have to Say

David Goble 1 day ago
Easy to install; work great for water taste & clarity.
M Coz 1 day ago
It took the USPS longer than I thought that it would, but that's not Discount Filters fault. Anyhoo, it was one complete unit, arrived in perfect condition, snapped right in to place, and worked perfectly: no more leak! Hallelujah! Run the water through the door into a glass for a few minutes:yes, I said minutes; to allow the air bubbles in the new unit to disperse. use a good sized pitcher. I have ice! I have cool water. Yeaaaaaaah!
D R Mass 1 day ago
Worked and fit perfectly.
Michael Scully 1 day ago
Works well and less cost than the LG filters.