Aprilaire 2400 Air Filters

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Scott Wilson 107 days ago
These are the manufacturers electrostatic filters. They fit perfectly, perform as intended NR help to both keep the unit and air clean. Also, much better priced than going through your hvac service company. We were being charged 2-3 times the amount from them and told we had to get the filters from them to maintain the warranty. Not true! Thank you Discount Filters!
William H. Graham 133 days ago
My old Aprilaire 2400 air cleaner required more work and time to change the filter. With the upgrade, the new filter just slides in and it’s done in a couple of minutes.
John C WOLFE Sr 145 days ago
Excellent Product
STEPHEN 158 days ago
Factory made post-filter. Better than original, purchased 4/20/2019. Perfect fit in my Honeywell air cleaner F300E 20x25. 2 required (12.5 x 20), 2 shipped in pkg. Good for another few years !