Aprilaire #201 Air Filters

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Your air cleaner keeps your home or office safe and clean from foreign pathogens found within the air supply. Inside unfiltered air lie tiny particles that can be a detriment to your health and home. The Aprilaire 2200 filter prevents these tiny particles from contaminating your air supply. Identical to the Space-Gard2200 filter, clean air is available to your indoor spaces by integrating this filter into your HVAC system.

The Aprilaire 201 filter utilizes a special particle-blocking filter media to remove potentially harmful particles from entering your indoor air supply. Tiny microbes such as pet dander, pollen, and dust are blocked by the filter media and clean air passes through the HVAC system into the indoor spaces. Along with providing crisp, clean air to your residential or commercial workspace, installing an Aprilaire 2200 filter into your HVAC system can bring about reduced energy costs, improved health benefits, and an efficiently running air filtration system.

To keep your HVAC system running efficiently, your Apriliare 201 filter should be changed routinely. The longer the Aprilaire 2200 filter is in place within your HVAC system, the more foreign particulate it encounters. This particulate begins to build upon the filter media, causing the amount of air flow that passes through the filter to be restricted. This restricted air filter can cause a number of problems for your home or workplace. If a filter in not changed routinely, energy costs can begin to rise, the air quality will begin to degrade, and your HVAC system can be damaged. To ensure your indoor air supply is fresh, clean, and pathogen free, your Aprilaire 2200 filter/ Space-Gard 22000 filter should be changed every six months.