20x25x1 AIRx DUST Air Filter - MERV 8

AIRx 20x25x1-DUST | Our#: 174655

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20x25x1 AIRx DUST Air Filter - MERV 8
6 pack

Air filters improve indoor air quality and make your HVAC equipment run more efficiently. This filter includes evenly spaced media that attracts particles with its electrostatic charge. A pleated design gives the filter an enlarged surface area and greater filtration capacity. With a MERV 8 rating, it captures large dirt, dust and pollen particles without inhibiting the airflow. A sturdy grid, moisture resistant materials and double wall frame support the filter. Changing it every three months ensures indoor air remains healthy and the HVAC system operates efficiently.

  • rated UL Class 2 by Underwriters Laboratories
  • MERV 8
  • reduces large allergen particles like dust, dirt and pollen
  • evenly spaced, electrostatically charged pleated media provides a large filter surface area
  • low airflow resistance
  • resists moisture and prevents mildew, mold and bacteria growth
  • 14 pleats per foot - 25% more media for better airflow and dust loading
  • replace every 3 months
  • 20” x 25” x 1" nominal size
  • 19-½” x 24-½” x ¾" actual size
  • Made with pride in the USA