20x22x1 AIRx DUST Air Filter - MERV 8

AIRx 20x22x1-DUST | Our#: 174653

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20x22x1 AIRx DUST Air Filter - MERV 8
6 pack

A high quality pleated filter provides up to 30% better indoor air quality than a traditional fiberglass filter. This model includes a design that is perfect for light to medium dust loading conditions. The MERV rating of 8 indicates that the filter traps particles as small as 3 microns. Every three months, consumers should replace the filter for maximum performance.

  • evenly spaced pleated panels provide a large surface area that captures dirt
  • pleated panels lower airflow resistance
  • the filter captures pollen, pet dander, mold dust mites and dust
  • a beverage board frame resists moisture and increases structural support
  • with a lower pressure drop, the filter promotes a clean and efficient air-handling system
  • chemical free filter
  • resists moisture absorption
  • eliminates microbial growth
  • 20 x 22 x 1" nominal size, 19½ x 21½ x ¾" actual size
  • simple replacement process
  • should be changed every three months for maximum performance