20 x 22 x 1" Air Filters

Protecting your home or office space from the hazards of unfiltered air can be accomplished with ease by using 20x22x1 air conditioner filters. Unfiltered air contains many foreign particles that can cause a number of problems to your health and home. Inside your air supply lie many tiny particles like dust, pollen, mites, and many other tiny microbes. Heating and air conditioning filters work to remove this foreign particulate from the air supply to provide your residential or commercial space with clean, safe, and healthy air.

Using an innovative, scientifically-tested, particle-grabbing filter media, 20x22x1 air conditioner filters allow fresh, clean air to pass through your air filtration system while capturing foreign particulate that may be found in your air supply. As air passes through your HVAC system, the furnace air filter traps particulate that include tiny microbes such as dust, pollen, and mites to ensure crisp, clean air quality to your indoor spaces. Along with improving the quality of the air, using heating and air conditioning filters can also reduce energy costs and provide a number of health benefits to those residing in your residential or commercial spaces.

To ensure that your HVAC system is running at maximum efficiency, you should routinely change your 20x22x1 air conditioner filters. As time goes on, more and more air will pass through your HVAC system. The amount of foreign particulate that the filter media comes into contact with increases. Particulate built up on the filter media has the tendency to restrict the amount of air flow that can pass through. This is often detrimental to your HVAC system causing problems such as increased energy costs and health concerns. To prevent this, routine heating and air conditioning filter changes are necessary to ensure crisp, clean air is distributed efficiently throughout your indoor environments.