Activated Carbon Air Filters

Rooms affected by strong odors due to the activities performed there will benefit from a discount filter that is saturated with activated carbon. Activated carbon serves as a sponge for unwanted odors; capturing them before they infiltrate other materials in a room, and preventing odors from spreading. The pleats in these discount filters are saturated with carbon to effectively provide air filtration of large particle contaminants in breathable air, and freshen air contaminated by disagreeable smells. The carbon is fused with the filter media and will not shed or add to the volume of free air particulates.

Whether needing a temporary or a permanent solution, choosing a filter with carbon pleated discount filters can markedly improve air quality in any room. These discount filters will absorb cooking smells, bathroom smells, cigarette and cigar smoke, and pet odors and can effectively combat vapors exhaled by new paint, new carpet, and other scents newly introduced to a space that are not expected to linger.

While these filters do not carry a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating, they are the equivalent to filters commonly found in residential ventilation systems. These filters capture gross particulate matter, the most egregious particulates to infect a workspace or living area. They also capture up to one-fifth of particles that measure between 3 to 10 microns in their largest dimension. This provides adequate protection for furnaces and other ventilation appliances located on the blowing side of the system.

These filters can be installed wherever standard filters are used as long as the nominal dimensions are the same.

The published replacement schedule for these carbon discount filters is every three months. Regardless of where filters are in their recommended lifespan, inspecting them often ensures that they are not impaired, or that they are replaced when they no longer function properly. Filters that have trapped an excessive amount of debris cannot allow air to pass and will not function at peak efficiency.