5000 Electronic Air Cleaner Filters

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Improve your air quality with ease. Aprilaire 5000 filters for the Aprilaire 501 air cleaner efficiently works to remove unwanted airborne particles from your air supply. Using an innovative accordion-style design, the filter expands to a larger surface area to trap and remove particles and odors from the indoor air supply. After it is expanded, the Aprilaire 5000 filters are easily installed by simply snapping it into place using pleat spacers. Once placed in the plastic frame, the filter media will expand and begin the process of making the air in your residential or commercial space clean and healthy.

Unfiltered air contains tiny particles that can potentially be hazardous to your health. The Aprilaire cleaner filter replacement works to remove these foreign particles from the air in your HVAC system. The filter media traps these tiny particles and prevents them from passing through the filter. Clean air is then pushed through the filter with ease and as a result, your home or office space is provided with clean, healthy air. Each Aprilaire 5000 filter lasts from six months to up to 24 months, depending on the amount of pollutants running through the system and the level of air being processed. Routine filter changes ensure that your air purifier system is running safely and efficiently while providing your space with clean, fresh air.


  • MERV 10 rated, exceeds LEED and ASHRAE recommendations
  • Traps and removes dust particles, pollen and mold spores, and odors from tobacco, paint, cooking, pets, bathroom and auto emissions
  • Filter expands from collapsible accordion
  • Media attaches into a plastic frame while existing pleat spacers hold it in place within the air cleaner's cabinet
  • Lasts six to 24 months
  • Effectiveness decreases in proportion to the volume of air it processes and the amount of pollutants it captures
  • Simple replacement process printed on each two-pack package
  • OEM, factory recommended part