2400 Air Cleaner Filters

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Clean, fresh air supply is much to be desired when improving the air quality of your residential or commercial workspace. Your indoor air supply could be contaminated by foreign particles in the air that can be potentially hazardous to both your personal health and the wellbeing of others in your indoor spaces. To prevent foreign, harmful particles from entering indoor air, the proper air purifier filter is necessary to ensure that your space is clean, safe, and pathogen free.

The Aprilaire 2400 filters have the job of preventing tiny particles in the air from contaminating the air supply in your residential or commercial spaces. Identical to the Space-Gard 2400 filter, these filters come equipped with a scientifically proven particle grabbing media that ensures clean air quality throughout the entire system. Pleated filter media throughout the filter provides an expanded surface area to attract the maximum amount of particulate that enters your system. This larger, dynamic surface blocks tiny particles in the air such as dust, pollen, and mites, while allowing clean air to pass through. Along with providing your home or office with clean, healthy air, the Aprilaire 2400 filter allows an HVAC system to run efficiently and at maximum capacity. This can potentially reduce energy costs and increase savings. The longer an air purifier filter is in use, the more exposure to foreign particulate it experiences. This particulate will build onto the filter media and make it less efficient to use. Routine filter changes should occur to ensure the purest air quality as possible.

A variety of OEM and Non-OEM Aprilaire 2400 filters are available for purchase. A filter with a higher MERV rating has a higher capacity to prevent larger amounts and smaller sized particulate. This results in a cleaner, more sterile environment. Higher MERV rating filters have the potential to make your system run less efficiently as more air resistance occurs. Proper air flow and efficiency concerns should be considered before deciding which Aprilaire 2400/Space-Gard 2400 filter is the correct choice for improving air quality and providing a safe, clean and pathogen free environment to your home or office space.