Clack TFC300 | Our#: 176850

Reverse Osmosis Retro Fit Kit

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Clack TFC300 | Our#: 176850

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Reverse Osmosis Retro Fit Kit

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Product Details

This Reverse Osmosis Kit can be used to update your proprietary R.O. system.

There are many brands of Reverse Osmosis Systems that can be "updated" to a more common drinking water system, by using this R.O. kit.  The TFC300 R.O. kit can be used to update your existing R.O. to a system that uses filters that are easy to find.  If your existing R.O. system needs new filters, and is performing poorly, there may be other components that need to be replaced.  The holding tank on R.O. systems will eventually fail.  If you need a new tank, both filters and the membrane, you may end up spending more for those than you would this complete kit. If you have one of these brands, you should consider this TFC300 R.O. kit as an alternative to replacing bad components on your existing system :

  • Steeltec RO-335
  • Watercare RO 335
  • R.O.-35 Ultrawater
  • Avian RO-450
  • AvantaPure RO-450
  • EWW 435
  • ExtraPURE RO-450
  • Pro-Elite RO-450
  • PURO-35T R.O. System
  • Atlantic Filter Corp. HR-35-TFC-4W
  • Water-Right Eclipse WRO35
  • Lindyspring LSRO35

Whats Included:

(3) TFC300 Sump Housings - thread size is the same as the original housings, with the new sump being longer with a smaller diameter                                                                   
(3) TFC300 Sump Housing "O" rings
(1) TFC300 Granular Activated Carbon Post Filter S7025
(1) TFC300 Split Sediment / Carbon Pre Filter S7028
(1) TFC300 TFC-50 gpd membrane S1229RS

Helpful Hints:

  • The included S1229RS membrane will replace any of the other membranes with part numbers : S-1764RS, S1224RS CTA, and S1227RS 
  • The Spanner Wrench used from the original R.O. Systems listed above can be used on the new TFC300, as the top portion of the housings are the similar.
  • Click on this link for the TFC300 Brochure : TFC300 R.O. System
  • If you have an R.O. System that utilizes an inline Post Carbon filter, you can use this Omnipure filter : Omnipure K2333-KK  which utilizes the  3/8" quick connect fittings.

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