Microline S1229RS | Our#: 175644

Microline R.O. S1229RS TFC 50 gpd Membrane

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Microline S1229RS | Our#: 175644

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Microline TFC-50 gpd S1229RS Membrane

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Product Details

Microline TFC-50 gpd S1229RS  Membrane

Original Microline replacement TFC Membrane.  This membrane is rated at 50 Gallons Per Day.  Actual production in your R.O. system will vary, and normally produces around half of the advertised rating.  This TFC membrane fits our Microline TFC 335 R.O. System.  If you have chlorinated water, we recommend you use the Microline  S7028 Split Carbon / Sediment Pre Filter.  The residual chlorine in " city " water will destroy the Thin Film Composite ( TFC ) membrane.  The  S7028 Pre Filter has extruded carbon block filtration to remove the chlorine before it can affect the membrane.

We offer this membrane as a replacement for the Microline S1227RS 24 / 25 gpd membrane

Membrane dimensions - Approx. 11-3/4" Including Stem X Approx. 2" Dia.

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