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Get the most out of your ultraviolet air purifier by replacing the UV bulb replacement regularly. “UV” light uses the power of the sun’s rays to kill microorganisms in the air that can make you sick and cause unwanted odors. The longer a UV germicidal lamp is used, the less effective its germ-killing becomes. Regular UV bulb replacement is critical in insuring that your system is operating at peak effectiveness. Shop our selection of the most popular UV replacement bulbs.

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Great lamps, they last a full year.
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Easy install and working fine
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Fit perfectly

Frequently Asked Questions

What are UV lamps and how do they work?

Ultraviolet (UV) lamps are also called UV bulbs or germicidal lamps. A UV system can be added to your existing heating/cooling system near your AC evaporator coil or directly in the airstream. UV light is germicidal, which means it deactivates the DNA of microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, short-circuiting their ability to multiply and cause disease and unwanted odors.

How often should I change my UV bulb?

Annual UV bulb replacement is recommended annually. Over time - the output intensity of UV germicidal lamps will decrease. So - even if an old bulb is lighting up/turning on, it may not be nearly as effective as it once was.

What’s the difference between UV and UVC?

"UV" is a general term for ultraviolet. The "C" in "UVC" describes the specific UV wavelength that has been found to have germicidal properties. UVC or UV-C light is traditionally referred to as "germicidal UV" because of it’s proven ability to kill bacteria, mold, and fungi.

Is UV light bulb replacement easy?

Yes. Consult the owner’s manual for information on replacement. Usually, UVC bulb replacement is a simple matter of turning off power to your HVAC system, removing a few screws, and inserting a new bulb. There is no reason this can’t be a DIY project.