MICROLINE 435 R.O. Pre & Post Filters w/ Membrane SET

Microline M-RO435WMEM-SET | Our#: 176758

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MICROLINE 435 R.O. Pre & Post Filters  w/ Membrane SET

MICROLINE 435 R.O. Pre & Post Filters  w/ Membrane SET

Set Includes:

1 - Split Sediment / Carbon Pre Filter  -  pn # S 7028

1 - Granular Activated Carbon Post Filter  -  pn # S 7025

1 - Microline 50 gpd TFC R.O. Membrane  -  pn # S1229RS

1 - Omnipure 6" K2333-KK In-line Chlorine Taste and Odor filter w/ 3/8" Quick Connect

1st Stage Split Pre Filter for Microline TFC R.O. Systems on city / chlorinated water.  Original Microline Split Carbon Block / Sediment Pre Filter # S7028 for use in all Microline TFC Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems : TFC-25D , TFC-4,  TFC-435

2nd Stage Activated Carbon Post filter for all Microline R.O. Systems.  Microline Activated Carbon Post Filter # S7025 is used for a pre filter to improve the incoming feed water. Fits Microline R.O. Systems : TFC-25D , TFC-4,  TFC-435

3rd Stage Reverse Osmosis TFC Membrane.  This is the Original Clack Microline R.O. membrane with a 50 gallon per day rating.  This membrane is is effective usually at over 94% rejection of all total dissolved solids from your source water in the home.

4th Stage is the Activated Carbon Filter.  This is a bullet style filter, and is used as the Post Filter or Polishing Filter. This filter utilizes 3/8" quick connect fittings on the inlet / outlet for easy removal and installation.  Older Systems used 1/4" quick connections.  Fits the Microline R.O. Systems : TFC-25D , TFC-4,  TFC-435

Replaces These Filters:

Clack: S7025
Clack: S7028
Microline: A1013475
Microline: RS-21-CB5-EB
Microline Post Filter: S7025
Microline Split Pre Filter: S7028
Microline TFC Membrane: S1227RS
Microline TFC Membrane: S1229RS

Fits In These Systems:

Microline R.O.: TFC-4 R.O. System
Microline R.O.: TFC-435 R.O. System