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The Whirlpool Pur Deluxe refrigerator filter is used as a replacement for the 4396841 water filter. The 4396841 is used in Fast Fill or Pur Measure dispensers that are in a variety of brands of refrigerators. It is also known by the part names T2RFWG2 and P2REFWG2. This Whirlpool filter is a factory original OEM product and meets NSF/ANSI standards 42 and 53. This means that the filter was tested against NSF/ANSI International standards for reducing certain contaminants. The filter reduces items such as distasteful chlorine, lead, dirt, and other chemicals that exist in the water pre-filtration. If you want to provide your home with the best water and ice quality, make sure to replace your filter every 6 months or sooner if the taste and quality change. The Whirlpool Replacement for the 4396841 water filter is a great choice to give your home the best filtered water possible.



The filters below are 100% compatible with part number 4396841

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