644845 Refrigerator Water Filters

ClearChoice Replacement For 644845 Filter

ClearChoice Replacement for Bosch 644845 Refrigerator Filter, 3-Pack
3 pack
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The 644845 is compatible with the following obsolete or alternate filter part numbers:

How To Install The 644845 Filter:

How to install the 644845 filter
  1. Twist the old filter a half-turn counterclockwise
  2. Pull the filter straight out 
  3. Remove the reusable knob/cap from the end of the old filter
  4. Discard the old filter
  5. Snap the knob/cap onto the end of the new filter
  6. Push the new filter into the fridge with the knob in the horizontal position until it stops
  7. Twist the filter a half-turn clockwise
  8. Reset your "change filter" light (if your fridge has one)
  9. Change your filter every 6 months