High Flow Furnace & AC Air Filters

Find the perfect replacement filter for your home furnace or AC system in the exact size you need. Protect air systems while reducing household allergens and help to prevent appliance freezing from poor airflow.

High Flow Furnace and AC Air Filters

Better Cost Savings

The HVAC does not work as hard. Increased air flow causes less resistance on the system, saving $$$ on your heating/cooling costs.

Faster Cooling Ability

The high flow filter has 2x the airflow to heat and cool your home evenly, eliminating hot and cold spots.

Stronger Dusting Power

With 65% more surface area, the filter media will capture more dust and allergen particles than any other filter.

Select Your Filter Size:

Why change filters regularly? It's all about efficiency.

New Air Filters: Multiple Benefits in a Single Purchase!

Benefits of new air filters.

• Decrease energy bill with a more efficient household.

• Decrease time needed dusting with a top-quality air filter.

• Most importantly, a healthier home & family.

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