Custom Cleaning Kit

Select 5 products from the following list to build your own custom cleaning kit for $35. You can also filter by room to choose the right supplies you need!
  • Cleans Better
  • Lasts Longer
  • Stays Fresh
  • Freshen and clean your washing machine and dishwasher!
  • Eliminate Foul Odors, Buildup and Residue
  • Freshen and clean any drain in your home!
  • Eliminate Foul Odors, Buildup and Residue
  • Cleans using enzyme action
  • Remove and Repel rust stains from your toilet
  • Iron OUT®, the #1 brand rust stain remover
  • Super absorbant cleaning cloth
  • Durable yet Safe for any surface
  • Reuseable and washable
  • Great for cleaning spills
( Limit 1 )
Affresh Washer Cleaner - package of 3 tablets
( Limit 1 )
  • Place anywhere to absorb odors and freshen air
  • Safe around Pets and Children
  • All natural
  • Compact size - each bag is 4.7" X 3.7"
  • Includes case of 24 bags
  • Attractive way to absorb odors and freshen your refrigerator
Bio Ouster® Jetted Tub deep Cleanser purges dangerous bio contaminants from jets, pipes, and surfaces.
  • Freshen and deodorize garbage bins in your home!
  • Eliminate foul odors
  • Fresh lemon scent
  • Uses multi-action agent combining freshening and spot prevention
  • Easy way to keep dishwashers smelling fresh
  • Fresh lemon scent


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