12" X 36" X 1" MERV 13 Pleated Filter

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12" X 36" X 1" MERV 13 Pleated Filter

  • MERV 13 Rated
  • Change Every 3 Months
  • 12x36x1" Nominal
  • 11½x35½x¾" Actual

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12" X 36" X 1" MERV 13 Pleated Filter

(Actual Size 11.5" x 35.5" x .75")

Improve indoor environmental quality with this high-efficiency pleated filter. These pleated panel filters are engineered for sturdy performance and ease of use and provide an upgrade over standard pleated filters. This filter removes 90% of particles sized from 1-3 microns, and provides the ultimate filter performance for residential and commercial applications.


  • Specialized extended-surface pleated filter is engineered to provide higher initial efficiencies and better overall performance than most pleated filters
  • Pleated media means greater filter surface area and high dust holding capacity Highly specialized synthetic media promotes high performance throughout filter lifecycle
  • Low resistance to airflow
  • Moisture-resistant beverage board frame and sturdy support grid for even pleat spacing and structural support
  • MERV 13 rating means the filter attracts common large household allergens like dust, pollen, and mold spores as well as smaller particulate like smoke, bacteria, and pet dander
  • MERV 13 filters meet "LEED" green building standards for new and existing buildings
  • Replace every 90 days under normal use
12" X 36" X 1" MERV 13 Pleated Filter
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By Steve


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Discountfilters.com review


I was happy to find that discountfilters.com stocked the correct size for my oddly shaped main filter intake duct. Their price for filters of a comparable Merv rating saved quite a bit over the normal big box home store products that i normally buy, even with shipping. My big problem with the store-bought filters, aside form the inflated pricing, was that i had to buy three 12x12s because they don't carry the 12x36 that i need-that's annoying. Shipping from discountfilters.com was quick and the products arrived in good shape. My only concern is that the filter's physical dimensions did not completely cover the opening and were short approximately 1/2 an inch. This gap generated a whistle. I fixed the issue with some weatherstripping, and while it would be nice for the filter to fit perfectly without it, the fact that i can get a quality filter in my (somewhat) correct size and for a great price is worth it.

BOTTOM LINE: Yes, I recommend this product