20" X 24" X 1" Permanent Washable Filter

Filtration Manufacturing 0401-1-20x24x1 | Our#: 110699
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20" X 24" X 1" Permanent Washable Filter These premium quality washable filters are guaranteed to last a lifetime. They are interchangeable with 1" disposable filters and can be easily cleaned and used again and again. Never buy another filter.

  • MERV 5 Rated
  • Change Every 3 Months
  • 20x24x1" Nominal
  • 19¾x23¾x⅞" Actual
  • Washable

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The Filtration Manufacturing 0401-1-20x24x1 that you're looking for is no longer available for sale.


Washable filters last a lifetime as they clean your indoor air. This permanent filter earns a MERV 5 rating for reducing airborne contaminants. It captures dust, pollen and mold spores. The efficient stage loading, peak and valley design traps large particles on the outside and smaller particles on the inside. Foam- and metal-free, the filter will not degrade, clog or oxidize. Backwash it once every three months against the airflow then reinsert it after it dries completely. Because it is a permanent filter, it lasts a lifetime as it is environmentally friendly.

  • MERV 5 removes large dirt, dust and pollen particles
  • efficient stage loading with peak and valley filtration design
  • foam and metal free, will not oxidize, corrode or degrade
  • wash and reinsert every 3 months
  • permanent and environmentally friendly
  • interchangeable with disposable 1” filters
  • 20” x 24” x 1" nominal size
  • 19-¾” x 23-¾” x 7/8" actual size
20" X 24" X 1" Permanent Washable Filter
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