20" X 20" X 1" Permanent Washable Filter

Filtration Manufacturing 0401-1-20x20x1 | Our#: 110697
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20" X 20" X 1" Permanent Washable Filter These premium quality washable filters are guaranteed to last a lifetime. They are interchangeable with 1" disposable filters and can be easily cleaned and used again and again. Never buy another filter.

  • MERV 5 Rated
  • Change Every 3 Months
  • 20x20x1" Nominal
  • 19¾x19¾x⅞" Actual
  • Washable

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The Filtration Manufacturing 0401-1-20x20x1 that you're looking for is no longer available for sale.


A washable filter economically provides clean indoor air. With a MERV 5 rating, its electrostatic media attracts and removes large mold, dust and pollen particles. The filter includes no permeable foam or metal materials. It lasts a lifetime because it will not degrade or corrode. For clean indoor air, vacuum the filter once a month and wash it every three months. To wash it, remove the filter and spray with a hose in the opposite direction of airflow. Allow it to dry completely, then replace it for clean indoor air.

  • MERV 5
  • electrostatic media captures large mold, dust, pollen and dirt particles
  • stage loading, peak and valley design increases r's efficiency
  • foam and metal free guarantee dependable service for life
  • replace every three months
  • 20” x 20” x 1" nominal size
  • 19-¾” x 19-¾” x 7/8" actual size
  • washable
20" X 20" X 1" Permanent Washable Filter
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