BestAirPro SGMPR | Our#: 100925

BestAirPro Replacement for Aprilaire # 201 Filter, 2-Pack

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BestAirPro SGMPR | Our#: 100925

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Reduce common allergy symptoms

  • Reduces allergy irritating particles
  • Captures allergens like dust, mold spores, pet dander, dust mite debris and more
  • Lessens odors from car fumes & smog
  • Creates cleaner indoor air

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Product Details

  • Note: This item is now sold in bulk and no longer has retail packaging.

    The Aprilaire Space Gard Model 2200 and 2250 filter replacements are expandable accordion-style filters that snap into the plastic frame of your air purifier. Purifying the air means removing bad odors and dangerous pollutants. As air flows through air cleaners, accordion-style filters attract and trap tobacco smoke, pet odors, mold and pollen spores, and other allergens and odors. Easily replace saturated media with a new filter once every six to 24 months. Air cleaners that process huge volumes of air in heavily polluted environments need to be replaced more frequently.

    • MERV 11 rated
    • High efficiency performance
    • Expandable filter media increases the surface area and allows the filter to trap more pollutants
    • Fit into existing plastic frame in Aprilaire/Space-Gard 2200 and 2250 Air Cleaners
    • Use existing pleat spacers in order to hold the filter media in place
    • Filter resists microbial growth and moisture
    • Absorbs cooking, tobacco, pet, bathroom and paint odors
    • Replace every six to 24 months depending on the volume of air filtered and the pollutant or odor levels
    • Assembly instructions printed on the packaging
    • Aftermarket part