Airguard 0450132 | Our#: 100473

Air Guard 20" X 30" X 1" DP-40 Max Pleated Filter

Airguard 0450132 | Our#: 100473

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20 x 30 x 1 Airguard Pleated Panel Filters MERV 7

  • MERV 7 Rated
  • Change Every 3 Months
  • 20x30x1" Nominal
  • 19½x29½x¾" Actual

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Product Details

Airguard Pleated Panel Filters 20 x 30 x 1 - nominal size
19 ½ x 29 ½ x ¾ -actual size

- MERV 7
- Premium Quality
- 10 pleats per foot (2")
- 3 month filter

- Proprietary Media - Assures Rated Efficiency
Airguard medias are manufactured to exclusive specifications produced only for Airguard.
Nobody pays more attention to media specifications than Airguard. Rigid requirements for resistance,
efficiency, MERV values and dust holding capacity are verified by QC checks on incoming raw materials,
production line sampling and field audits of finished goods.

- All DP filters are designed with a consistent pleat shape causing dirt to collect evenly over the entire
surface of the filter. This means it will fully utilize every square inch which results in a slow steady rise
in resistance for maximum dust holding capacity.

- Galvanized Steel Pleat Support - Makes for maximum rust resistance and ability to maintain pleat shape
and prevent fluttering during operation.

- Two Piece Frame Construction - Double wall thickness around the outer edge and integral die cut cross
members provide strength and rigidity. The filters will not warp or bend under normal conditions.

- Heavy Duty Beverage Board Frame - The sturdy frame is able to stand up to rough handling and difficult
service conditions making for a long service life.

- Water Repellent Adhesive - Utilizes water repellent adhesive to bond the frame and media pack making
sure the pleats will hold together even when wet. No excessive buckling or collapsing due to wetness.