ClearChoice APTKIT | Our#: 188380

Healthy Living Apartment/Dorm Kit

ClearChoice APTKIT | Our#: 188380

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Our kit gives you control over your air and water quality
  • Create a cleaner, healthier environment
  • Drink safer, better tasting water
  • Reduce Odors and Airborne toxins
  •  Free Shipping & Returns
  •  100% Compatibility Guarantee
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Product Details

Get your rental space "move-in ready" with the ClearChoice Healthy Living Cleaning kit.  Use the scrubber and all purpose cleaner to sanitize, then put the water and air filters in place to create your own "Healthy Haven".

Just because you don't own your home or apartment doesn't mean you don't have options for clean, safer air and water.  This simple kit gives you control.  Each item is easy to use or install.

Included in this kit:

Faucet filter - removes bad tastes and odors; drink healthier water
Shower filter - eliminates the chlorine smell and toxins - skin absorbs more chlorine than drinking water
Shower head - softens and ionizes water for a more invigorating feel
Coconut shell carbon filled bags - remove odors and toxic fumes within a 15 ft radius of the bag
All Natural surface cleaner - non-toxic all purpose cleaner for kitchen, bathroom and anywhere
DishFish multi purpose sponge - use with all natural cleaner on any surface without fear of scratching.  Also great for dishes! 
Filtered water bottle - filter allows you to refill and have clean water when you're on the go.
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