6-Bulb Lamp Kit for PCO-20C Air Cleaner

Lennox X8149-6 | Our#: 172430

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6-Bulb Lamp Kit for PCO-20C Air Cleaner
6 pack

Includes QTY 6 Lennox Healthy Climate # X8149 UVA Bulbs for PCO-20C.  Note: The Lennox PureAir unit (PCO-20C) requires 6 replacement UVA lamps per year.

The Lennox Healthy Climate PureAir replacement UVA lamp uses UVA light rays to oxidize contaminants in the air with no toxic chemicals. Lennox recommends that the bulbs be replaced once per year for optimum performance since the bulb effectiveness declines with use.

One side of lamp has opaque coating to prevent UV light from shining on paper filter


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