GE FQK2J Drinking Water Filter Set

GE FQK2J | Our#: 181157

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GE FQK2J Drinking Water Filter Set

GE FQK2J Drinking Water Filter Set - 1 Set of 2 Filters

Factory Original filters for GE Drinking Water Systems.  The new FQK2J replaces both the FQSLF and FQSVF filter sets.  Convenient "Twist & Lock" systems makes for easy filter replacement with minimal mess.   No tools are required to replace this filter.   This .5 micron carbon block filter reduces contaminants and makes your water taste great!


  • Reduces lead, cysts, asbestos, atrazine, benezene, chlorine taste & odor, lindane, mercury
  • Replacement for Water Filter System model: GXSL55, GQSL55R, GXSL55F, GQSL55F, GXJ285JBL, GXK295JNN, GXSL55R, GXSV65R, GNSV70RBL
  • Filters lasts up to 6 months or filters up to 300 Gallons