British Berkefeld W9361138 | Our#: 199071

Stainless 2.25 Gallon Countertop Drinking Water Purification System with 2 Filters

British Berkefeld W9361138 | Our#: 199071

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  • British Berkefeld-branded 8.5 Liter / 2-1/4 Gallon gravity system
  • Your ideal solution to clean filtered drinking water on tap, away from home
  • 2 combination ceramic / carbon filters included
  • All-purpose drinking water system for campers, survivaliists and ordinary families
  • Easy to set up
  • High quality - stainless steel construction
  • Made in England

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  •  100% Compatibility Guarantee
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Frequently Purchased Together

Product Details

Stainless Countertop Drinking Water System - 8.5 liters (approximately 2-1/4 gallons)

The British Berkefeld 8.5L Gravity is a compact and portable gravity water filter system, complete with two ceramic filter candles for the reduction of common contaminants and chlorine. Your ideal solution to clean filtered drinking water on tap, away from home.  Made from stainless steel, this gravity fed system consists of two containers which are super simple to operate and no plumbing is required. The upper chamber of the system is filled with untreated water which filters down into the lower chamber using the force of gravity, through a number of ceramic water filters.

The British Berkefeld Gravity filter system can house 2, 3 or 4 ceramic filter candles, depending on water quality and fill rates.  2, 7" Ultra Sterasyl filter candles are included.  Stage 1 - Outer shell - Micro Filtration of bacteria, cysts and particles. Stage 2 - Anti-Bacterial formulation contains silver to inhibit microbiological growth within the ceramic element. Stage 3 - Granulated activated carbon takes out chlorine and organics improving taste and odor. Stage 4 - Heavy metal reduction media in the takes out toxic lead. 

Gravity water filters are the ideal solution for providing filtered water whilst travelling in locations with an unreliable supply of safe drinking water - or where there is no reliable pressurised water supply. Take quality with you and have peace of mind that your drinking water is as clean as possible.  This system is a perfect choice for emergency preparedness, camping, "off-grid" living, or normal home use.


  • Designed to be free standing on a stable surface
  • Can be fitted with 2 or 4 ceramic filter elements (2 included)
  • Should only be used for the treatment of cold water
  • Designed to filter out harmful bacteria from water
  • Includes 2, 7" Ultra Sterasyl filter candles
  • Includes stainless top chamber, bottom chamber and lid
  • Includes bottom gasket to protect surfaces
  • Includes filter gaskets and wing nuts as well as spout
  • Filter capacity - 400 Gallons / 1,500 Liters
  • Dimensions - 9-1/4" Diameter.  18-1/2" High (12-1/2" High when chambers are nested for transport/storage)
  • Made in England
  • System tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 & 53 for Particulate, Turbidity & Cyst reduction

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