Sprite ARC Replacement Filter Cartridge 3-Pack

Sprite Industries ARC | Our#: 174179

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Sprite ARC Replacement Filter Cartridge 3-Pack
3 pack

Sprite ARC Replacement Filter Cartridge  3-Pack

Used with showerhead models AM8, AM5, AR5

  • Fits Sprite Royale All-In-One shower filter
  • 50% more KDF-55 & Chlorgon for maximum life and performance
  • Filters chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, THMs and radon
  • Cartridge lasts 9 months for the average family
  • Costs less than 7¢ per day for a clean, healthy shower

Dimensions: The Sprite ARC filter cartridge is a cylinder that is 1-11/16" tall and 2-7/8" in diameter (4.2 cm tall and 7.2 cm in diameter)