Pentek RFFE20-BB IRON Reduction Filter - 20" BB

Pentek RFFE20-BB | Our#: 176825

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Pentek RFFE20-BB IRON Reduction Filter - 20

 Pentek RFFE20-BB IRON Reduction Filter - 20" BB

The Pentek RFFE20-BB is a radial flow Iron Reduction Filter. This Pentek will effectively remove Dissolved Iron ( up to 3 ppm ).  The Pentek RFFE20-BB removes dissolved iron from your well water, which will in turn, give you better tasting water, without that "metallic" taste and odor. There are many benefits from removing iron from your water, including extended water heater life, along with extending the duration of most all major appliances that use water.  One of the biggest benefits of getting rid of the iron in your water, is eliminating the brown, "rust" stains in the toilets, sinks, tubs and showers.

This Pentek RFFE20-BB Iron Reduction Filter should be installed on the main water line, immediately following the pressure tank ( or water meter from "city" or municipal water ).  This filter is MOST effective if used in conjunction with a 20" Sediment Filter before the RFFE20-BB filter, and a Carbon Filter installed after the Iron Reduction Filter.  The suggested Sediment filter is a Pentek DGD 5005 20" BB and the suggested Carbon filter is a Pentek RFC 20-BB.

Do not use any of these filters on water that is microbiologically unsafe.

Pentek RFFE20-BB Filter Specs :

Dimensions : 4-1/2" X 20"





Filter Dimensions: 20" L X 4-1/2" Dia.