Replacement for Aqua-Pure APS1001 Sediment Filter

Pentek P1 | Our#: 175581

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Replacement for Aqua-Pure APS1001 Sediment Filter
2 pack
Replacement for Aqua-Pure APS1001 Sediment Filter (2-Pack)

Everpure P1 Sediment Filtration Cartridge for 10" Housings (DEV9109-07).  Replacement for Aqua Pure residential filter # AP1001.

P Series cartridges are manufactured from pure 100% polypropylene fibers. The fibers have been carefully spun together to form a true gradient density from outer to inner surfaces.
P Series cartridges are designed for purity. They will not impart taste, odor or color to the liquid being filtered when used within the recommended temperature limit. Additionally, the polypropylene construction provides superior chemical resistance and is not prone to bacterial attack.
The coreless strength of the cartridges is achieved by sintering the many fibers into a solid matrix.

Cuno AP1003
Aqua-Pure AP1001
PureMark PFS101
Cornelius COR101

. For use in high particulate water conditions for reduction of dirt, rust and sediment.
. 1 micron nominal filtration extends the life of primary filter cartridges.
. Fits 10" housings.


Capacity: 5,000 Gallons
Certifications: NSF/ANSI Standard 42
Filter Dimensions: 9-3/4" L X 2-1/2" Dia.
Flow Rate: 1 Gallons Per Minute
Materials: Spun Polypropylene
Micron Rating: 1
Reduction Claims: Sediment

Replaces These Filters:

Cornelius: COR101
CostGuard: P1
Cuno: AP1003
Everpure: DEV9109-07
Pentek: P1
PureMark: PFS101

Fits In These Systems:

Aqua-Pure: AP101S
Aqua-Pure: AP102S
Aqua-Pure: AP102T
Aqua-Pure: AP11S
Aqua-Pure: AP11T
Aqua-Pure: AP12S
Aqua-Pure: AP12T
Aqua-Pure: AP1610
Aqua-Pure: AP2610
Aqua-Pure: AP51T
Aqua-Pure: SS1
Aqua-Pure: SS12
Culligan: HF-150
Cuno: CFS01
Cuno: CFS11
Cuno: CFSBCI-1
Dupont: PF 2800 Series Housings
Dupont: PF 3800 Series Housings
Dupont: WFPF38001C
Pentek: 150071
Whirlpool: WHCF-DWH
Whirlpool: WHCF-DWHV
Whirlpool: WHED-10
Whirlpool: WHKF-DWH