Everpure CG5-20 20" Water Filtration Cartridge

Everpure DEV910825 | Our#: 111738

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Everpure CG5-20 20

Everpure CG5-20 20" Water Filtration Cartridge  DEV9108-25


Cornelius COR20B1 / COR20B5
EcoLab 9320-1089
PureMark PFS20B1 / PFS20B5
Selecto 101-200



Five micron carbon block reduces dirt and fine particles from drinking water

Effectively reduces unwanted tastes, odor and chlorine

High porosity design prevents the cartridge from plugging before its adsorption capacity is exhausted

Improves the taste of beverages such as fountain drinks and coffee

Helps keep equipment running at peak efficiency and keeps maintenance costs down

Drop-in design fits most 20" bowls


Installation Tips

Install vertically so bowls hang down.

Allow 2-1/2" clearance below the cartridge for easy cartridge replacement

Make sure O-ring on bowl is sufficiently lubricated

Always screw on bowls by hand; do not use a housing wrench



Operation Tips

Change cartridges on a regular 6 month preventative maintenance program

Change cartridges when capacity is reached or when pressure decreases

Always inspect O-ring; change and/or lubricate if necessary

Always flush the filter cartridge at time of installation and cartridge change



For foodservice applications

Drop-in cartridge for taste, odor and sediment reduction

Capacity: 12,000 gallons (45,400L)




Overall Dimensions: 20"H x 2.87" Diameter

Service Flow Rate: Maximum 3.34 gpm (7.6 Lpm)

Pressure Requirements: 30 - 125 psi (2.1 - 8.6 bar), non-shock

Temperature: 40 - 100°F (4.4 - 38°C)

No electrical connection required