Everpure CG5-10S 10" Water Filtration Cartridge 5 micron

Everpure DEV9108-17 | Our#: 111737

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Everpure CG5-10S 10

Everpure CG5-10S 10" Water Filtration Cartridge (DEV9108-17)

Cornelius COR105B1s / COR105B5s
Ecolab 9320-1010
NuCalgon 4716-87
ShurFlo 15-056-10
PureMark PFS10B1S / PFS10B5S

Filter cartridge for standard 10" bowl drop-in systems.
Carbon block filtration effectively filters particlulates down to 5 microns and reduces chlorine, bad taste and odor.
Scale inhibitor reduces scale formation on heating elements, evaoprator plates and valves.
Fits 10" housings.
Capacity: 6,000 gallons (22,710 L)
Flow Rate: 1.67 GPM
Certifications: NSF 42

Replaces These Filters:

Dupont: DWC30001
Dupont: WFDWC30001