Doulton W9123053 | Our#: 197489

Doulton 10" Ceramic Ultracarb Water Filter Candle - W9123053

Doulton W9123053 | Our#: 197489

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  • Genuine OEM Ultracarb filter from Doulton
  • Outer ceramic shell
  • Activated carbon layer
  • 99.9% efficient - plus filtration of bacteria, cysts, turbidity
  • Made in England

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Product Details

Doulton 10" Ceramic Water Filter Candle - W9123053

Doulton Ultracarb ceramic candle for Doulton HIP, HIS, and HCPS housings. This 10" cartridge provides impressive containment reduction through its high porosity ceramic candle design that removes lead, bacteria, pesticides, and improves water taste and odor. How often you replace the filter will depend on quality of water in your local area and filtration needs.


  • Ultracarb includes outer ceramic shell as well as inner activated carbon layer
  • Ultracarb has all the benefits of Sterasyl (removal of particles, pathogenic bacteria, cysts etc.) with additional chlorine, organics and lead removal capabilities.
  • OEM, factory-origion product from Doulton
  • Fits Doulton HIP, HIS, HCPS housings
  • Silver impregnated to inhibit microbiological growth
  • Retains essential minerals
  • Proven protection agains water-borne disease
  • Long life filter can be cleaned and re-used
  • NOTE: not for use in gravity systems


  • Capacity: 2,300 liters / 600 Gallons
  • Flow Rate: .9 GPM
  • Filtration Rating: Nominal (defined as >99.9%) - .5-.8 micron

Replaces These Filters:

Mountain Pure Water:

Fits In These Systems:

Ecofast system
HCPS Housings
HIP Housings
HIS Housings

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