Cuno Aqua-Pure AP110 Whole House Filter

Cuno AP110 | Our#: 175562

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Cuno Aqua-Pure AP110 Whole House Filter
2 pack
Cuno Aqua-Pure AP110 Whole House Filter (2-Pack)

NOTE: We will ship CFS110 (Cuno Food Service) product.

The Aqua-Pure by Cuno AP110 water filter replacement cartridge reduces dirt and rust. The AquaPure AP110 dirt & rust filter cartridge is made from an exclusive process using spun polypropylene. As water passes from the outer surfaces into the center of the cartridge, the filtering pores become increasingly smaller to remove even microscopic particles. Unlike string-wound and pleated paper cartridges, the rigid, sturdy construction of the Aqua-Pure cartridges are able to withstand high pressure drop and stressful conditions such as water hammer.


  • Reduces sediment for multiple applications
  • 5 micron nominal filtration
  • Graded density for long life
  • Use on Hot and Cold water (up to 100° F)


Capacity: N/A
Filter Dimensions: 9-3/4" L X 2-1/2" Dia.
Flow Rate: 8 Gallons Per Minute
Materials: Cellulose fiber
Micron Rating: 5
Reduction Claims: Sediment, Sand, Silt and Rust Particles

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Aqua-Pure: AP110
Cuno: CFS110
Whirlpool: WHCF-GD05

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