RPWF Refrigerator Water Filters

WaterSentinel Replacement For RPWF Filter

WaterSentinel Replacement for GE RPWF Filter Cartridge, 3-Pack
3 pack
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The RPWF is compatible with the following obsolete or alternate filter part numbers:

How To Install The RPWF Filter:

How to install the RPWF filter
  1. Remove old cartridge by gently lifting the filter away from housing until first release, and then lift again to remove.
  2. Align top of filter with cartridge holder and push until cartridge is fully seated.
  3. While continuing to ensure cartridge is fully seated in the holder, gently rotate the filter (inward for BF models and downward for SxS models) until it can no longer rotate.
  4. Run water from the dispenser (approximately 2 gallons or about 5 minutes) to clear any particles and remove air from the system.