Replacement Refrigerator Filters for 836848

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  • NSF/ANSI 42
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Product Description

We offer the Supco Replacement for the Fisher & Paykel 836848 refrigerator water filter. This type of filter is used in the filtration systems of refrigerators built buy Fisher & Paykel. Any Fisher & Paykel refrigerator model that starts with RF201 or E522 is a suitable match for this filter type. The Supco replacement acts an inexpensive alternative to the factory original, while still providing quality filtration. The Supco filter removes impurities found in your water supply such as minerals, dirt, and chemicals leaving your home with fresh and clean water to drink and cook with. It is also able to reduce chlorine taste and odor that can cause your water to taste a little "off." Once easily installed, the filter can provide your home with up to 6 months of clean water. Make sure to change your filter by the recommended time or sooner if the water quality starts to decrease.


How To Install The 836848 Filter:

  1. Grasp and firmly twist the cartridge in an anticlockwise direction
  2. Pull the cartridge away from the filter head
  3. Discard old filter
  4. Remove protective cap
  5. Push the cartridge up towards filter head while rotating it in a clockwise direction
  6. Dispense 2-3 Gallons of water to flush the cartridge, removing trapped air and harmless carbon fines


The filters below are 100% compatible with part number 836848

Product Comparison

Marvel at the specifications of our 836848 compatible filter.

836848 filter. It is a generic version of the filter, but it is just as effective as the OEM at removing impurities such as chlorine, odor, sediment, and more. The Supco WF296 is a 6 month filter and is provided in a 3-pack that can give your home up to 18 months of fresh water. The filtering capacity of the filter is 300 gallons of water with a flow rate of .5 GPM. The filter does not have an NSF/ANSI rating, which is given when the filter is tested against NSF/ANSI international standards. However, this doesn't mean that the filter delivers lower quality water than the OEM. The filter has a pressure range of 20-100 PSI along with an operating temperature of 33-100 degrees Fahrenheit. The Supco WF296 is a lower cost and high quality aftermarket filter to replace the Fisher & Paykel 836848 refrigerator filter.

6 Months
300 Gallons
Chlorine, Taste, Odor
0.5 GPM
20-100 PSI
33-100 °F

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