GE WR17X33825 | Our#: 189138

Filter Bypass for GE XWF / XWFE

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GE WR17X33825 | Our#: 189138

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Product Details

Filter Bypass for GE XWF - Part #  WR17X33825 (Formerly WR17X30044)

Fits refrigerators made by GE which use the proprietary "XWF" filter.

This filter bypass is shipped with every new refrigerator - but homeowners often throw them away assuming they won't be needed in the future.

Use this filter bypass in place of the original filter.  The filter bypass comes in handy if you wish to run an external water filtration system (like a reverse osmosis system) or if you wish to "bypass" the high cost of the XWF filter.

  • Use if plumbing externally filtered water to the fridge (reverse osmosis system, whole house filtration system)
  • Insures fast flow of water to the fridge for icemaking and water dispensing
  • Marked with part number MM6000877Z1